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Valentine's dance? I'm only 10!

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I'm angry. And trash.

Ahahaa. I suck at these. So don't expect it to be very entertaining. Or whatever you expect from these. o-o

Ecstatic "Friday I'm In Love" The Cuuuure.
Depressed "Savior" by Matchbox 20
Angry Anything loud and screamy.
Melancholy "Lover I Don't Have to Love" Bright Eyes.
Crazy "Hey Ya" Outkast
In @hearts; "Smooth Operators" by Rooney
Stressed "Tonight, Not Again" by Jason Mraz
Antisocial "Head Like a Hole" Nine Inch Nails
Restless (i.e. dancing music) "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC. Ahahahaaha.
Busy (i.e. music you play while doing homework or chores) Not a particular song. Does the radio count?

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